Database Reporting Without SQL

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Introducing BKS Report Studio,

A professional database reporting tool with a visual report designer. BKS Report Studio is designed to work for every skill level, from beginners to professional database administrators. Create stylish database-driven reports without writing any SQL. Drag and drop data sources, labels, images, and even barcodes to build powerful reports quickly and easily.

Even beginners will find Report Studio easy to use. First connect to a database, then arrange fields on the report, and run! Generate advanced reports with powerful features like break bands to group data together, automatic relationships to fetch values from reference tables, and even use dynamic runtime variables to filter data for the report.

Reports can be Printed directly, or export the result as a PDF, or even HTML for the web!

Design tools focused on reports

Created by a group of software professionals with an expertise in data, BKS Report Studio features focus on making the report design phase easier. The basics are included: database fields, text labels, images, lines, and shapes. Build upon these with advanced features like barcodes (database-driven or static), images stored within the database, object borders, and flexible size data fields.

Filter data prior to running the report with the condition editor. Create static or dynamic runtime conditions which ask the user for parameters. When run, dynamic conditions are presented automatically with defaults values as defined in the condition editor.

Additional features include aggregate database fields to easily create summary reports, customizable display of boolean fields (even supports Emoji), formatting number fields, and band scripts for advanced functionality.

Connect to the most popular database engines

BKS Report Studio is very flexible and can connect to the most popular database engines, store your favorite connections, and can connect to database engines that provide an ODBC driver.

Connect to any of these popular engines: CubeSQL, MySQL, ODBC, PostgreSQL, and SQLite

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Download Demo Buy Now - $175