What is BKS Report Studio?

BKS Report Studio is an application made by BKeeney Software to assist in the creation of detailed reports using an intuitive interface and set of tools to create complex reports in little time.

Report Studio works by importing a CubeSQL, MySQL, ODBC, PostgreSQL or SQLite database, where the application will scan the schema of the database and automatically list all of your database tables, fields and views where they can be easily dragged into the report. Dragged in fields from other tables can automatically resolve the relationship between the two tables, and more complex relationships can be created simply with the relations editor. You can style the reports however you want with stored images which can be placed dynamically and barcode generation features.

Even more complex reports are able to be created with the bands editor, where tables can be grouped to further organize data. Filter conditions can be added to generate a report containing only specific lines that you want, or to help clean up your database output. Specialized scripts can even be written that are compiled at the time you generate the report for the ultimate customization in your reports.

In the end, your reports can be generated extremely quickly, and then exported in PDF, HTML or CSV format for however you need to display your custom reports.