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The constants editor can be found in File>Constants. This dialog allows you to create Constants that can be dragged into the report anywhere. Each constant can be changed and every place where that constant is placed changes with it. Constants can be especially useful for reports where you use a label or tab often, and may need to change it in the future.

In addition to the user-defined constants, there are three Report Studio-defined constants at the bottom of this window. These three constants can be used inside any text box, and are already placed by default inside the footer of the report. These constants are:
  • // - This displays the timestamp at the time of report generation in the following format: MM/DD/YY, HR:MIN (AM/PM), by default. These may be changed by your system settings. This uses the Short Date format then Short Time format. You can refer to your system settings to change this format.
  • #### - This displays the page number that it is currently being displayed.
  • %%%% - This displays the total number of pages inside the report.