There are six different generic objects you can place inside your report:


This is a simple text object. You can use this for labels, as are already generated in a default report, or to display things generated in a Band Script.


This is can display an image, assuming you've stored one using the Stored Images Dialog. An image has a few other properties to adjust:
  • RetainAspectRatio: This will retain the original the aspect ratio of the ratio, regardless of the size of the box. It will make the image as large as it can without stretching the image, meaning your image will most likely not take up the entire image box.
  • Image: This is a drop down that will allow you to select an image. If this is unable to be used, that means you have not yet stored a image, go to the Stored Images Dialog to do so.


This is a simple line that can be dragged between two points.


This is a rectangle that can be place behind or in front of other items for emphasis. A rectangle also can inherit shape styles, and those shape styles can be applied using a Band Script.


This is another basic shape, similar to the Rect, except it cannot use shape styles.


If you drag in a barcode from the objects like this, it is a static barcode, with a constant value. If you want to have dynamically created barcodes, refer to the Barcode Field Type. There are two properties specific to Barcode objects:
  • BarcodeText: This is the string or integer that will be displayed as the value to be decoded on the barcode.
  • BarcodeFormat: This dropdown lists all of the different formats of barcode that are supported by Report Studio, of which you can select any of them.