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There are many properties that can be used inside a band to adjust how it is displayed. Above is the listing of all band properties, depending on the type of band, some of these properties may not show.

  • Height: The height, in points of the band. This is view-only inside of the inspector, and can only be adjusted using the draggable edges inside the designer.
  • Fill Color: This is the color that the band will be filled with by default. Keep in mind this does not expand into the margins, and the alternate color takes precedent on every other line.
  • Alternate: This checkbox will use the AlternateColor every other line as the fill line. This is useful to help distinguish lines between each other, especially when the data takes up more than one line.
  • AlternateColor: This is the color that will replace the Fill Color on every other line, assuming Alternate is checked.
  • BorderTop: If checked, a 1 point line will border the top of the band with pure black. The size of the border and color is not changeable.
  • BorderBottom: Same as BottomTop, but the border is on the bottom of the band.
  • PageBreak: This property only exists for Breaks, when bands are grouped. When enabled, this will place every break, it's corresponding bodies and the trailing band on it's own page.
  • RepeatEachPage: This property only exists for Breaks, when bands are grouped. When enabled, this will repeat the break band on top of each page if that break's bodies overflowed into the next page.
  • Script: This is where you can place your Band Script.
  • BandType: This property is read only, and is simply displaying the type of band that is being edited.
  • GroupBy: This property is displaying the field that that break's bodies are being grouped by. To edit this, use the Band Editor.
  • OrderBy: This property determines what that band is sorted by, alphabetically A>Z or ascending when referring to numbers.
  • Limit: This property determines how many of that band should be displayed in the report. If the band is inside a group, the limit is not reset after each group.