There are several types of bands that will appear on your report will generate, depending on your Grouping settings. The descriptions of these types of bands are as follows:

ReportHeader and ReportFooter

These bands simply act as extra blank space on top and below your report, and are not intended to have any fields in them.


This Band is meant to contain identifying information about you report, such as the report title, and other identifying information.


This is where most of your report details go in, where you can drag in your fields to make up the body of the report.


This band is pre-populated with two text fields: One of these fields contains the time stamp of when the report was generated, and the other is the page index. You can also place other types of objects inside of this band, just like the Header.


This type of Band is similar to a Header, except the header is surrounding a group of Body bands, established by the Group. You can place aggregate fields inside of this band and it will aggregate for that grouping.


Similar to the Break, this band is a Footer for a specific group. It will exist after every group instance, and you can place aggregates and more identifying info inside this Band.