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The Band editor is place is to be able to group your fields to create more complex reports. To learn more about how to use grouping effectively, see the Using Bands section. On the left, the editor by default displays all of the tables that have any field in the report, however you can uncheck the checkbox at the bottom to display all tables in your report. Keep in mind using tables that are not in your database can result in odd results. To create a grouping by that field, simple double click that field. Two more bands should appear in the right panel, with a group that is the name of the field you just chose. You can select either of these new bands to delete the group, and both bands will be deleted when you do so.

Deleting a band will remove all items currently in it and remove all band scripts and other customization done inside of the band.

These two new bands will show up on the designer. Refer to Using Bands for usage of these new bands. Any changes, including deletions and additions, can be undone by clicking "Cancel".