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The connection window will appear when launching BKS Report Studio, and also appears when creating a new report using File -> New. Select a database engine on the left to connect. The main view will display the connection parameters which may vary by database engine. Encrypted SQLite databases are supported.

Connections may be stored for future use. Favorite connections are listed on the left below the new connection database types. To create a favorite connection, select the database engine from the New Connection section and fill in the connection details. Click "Add Favorite" to test the connection and save it. If the connection can be saved a dialog will be presented to name the favorite connection. With a favorite connection selected the "Add Favorite" button will be titled "Update Favorite" and can be used to update the stored favorite connection details. Favorite connections do not store passwords.

With the connection details filled out, click the "Connect" button to connect to the database and display the Visual Report Designer.