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This tab is where the majority of the design work for your reports will happen. On the left, you have the various objects and items that you can drag into the middle section, the designer. The designer is a representation of what your report will look like, and this report is made up of several bands that will make up your report. By default, there are five bands inserted into your project. For more info about what each of the bands are and how they are used in your report, see the Using Bands section. On the right, you'll see the Inspector. When you make any selection of any object on the report, the inspector will show a list of properties that you can edit the values of. For example, this shows the properties when you select the default "Report Title" text item. For more explanation on these properties, please see the Field Properties section.

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Not only can you select the items inside each band, but you can also select the band itself by clicking on any part of that band that does not have an object on it. If your band is such that clicking on the band itself is difficult to do, you can also select the band by expanding the "Report" section on the list on the left, then click on the band. You can also expand each band in this list to be able to select the items in each band, which opens the same properties as selecting it in the designer would.

At the very bottom of the designer tab, there are two sets of coordinates. On the left, these are the global coordinates of the document of where your mouse is. If your mouse was in the top left hand corner of the document, it would read (0,0), and if you were on the bottom right on a standard US letter report, it would read (612, 792). For more about the coordinate system, read the Report Sizing section. The number on the bottom right hand of the window is the relative coordinate inside that specific band. All of the position of the objects inside a band are done relative to that band, so that bands can be resized without ruining the formatting of the entire document, so this number can be useful for determine the coordinates at certain points for positioning objects. It will also tell you the band that you are currently highlighting in front of the coordinates.